The Bogdanor-isation of Politics

Originally published 25th November 2009

I was reading this Guardian article about which of the Miliband brothers is least obnoxious when I got bored and scrolled down to the comments. And the comments alerted me to a very interesting fact: Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University is responsible for much of our failed political class.

You could hold a Labour leadership election from people with PPE degrees from Oxford.

David Miliband (PPE, Oxford)
Ed Miliband (PPE, Oxford)
James Purnell (PPE, Oxford)
Ed Balls (PPE, Oxford)
Jacqui Smith (PPE, Oxford)
Yvette Cooper (PPE, Oxford)
Ruth Kelly (PPE, Oxford)

You could put together a mini shadow cabinet.

Alan Duncan (PPE, Oxford)
Ann Widdecombe (PPE, Oxford)
Damian Green (PPE, Oxford)
David Cameron (PPE, Oxford)
David Willetts (PPE, Oxford)
George Young (PPE, Oxford)
William Hague (PPE, Oxford)

And you could interview the whole sodding lot using journalists with PPEs from Oxford.

Christopher Hitchens (PPE, Oxford)
David Dimbleby (PPE, Oxford)
Evan Davis (PPE, Oxford)
Jackie Ashley (PPE, Oxford)
John Sergeant (PPE, Oxford)
Lance Price (PPE, Oxford)
Michael Crick (PPE, Oxford)
Nick Robinson (PPE, Oxford)
Zeinab Badawi (PPE, Oxford)

And to think people complain about Eton.

UPDATE: the Oxford degree that runs Britain