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Can an English identity be a liberal one?

What some people see as a statement of legitimacy, others see as a pitch for superiority. If I wave my St George’s flag, I will inevitably be seen by many as being chauvinistic. “Inevitably” means that that is what the current climate presupposes. It is not inherently so, as many liberals show when they say they want their flag back.

Fury as police say England flag and Jerusalem hymn 'may offend people' | UK | News | Express.co.uk

A PATRIOTIC campaigner is furious after police warned him hanging his St George’s Cross flag and playing the hymn Jerusalem in Stoke could OFFEND people.

Letters II: Labour expected devolution to kill off Scottish nationalism (From The National)

The main plank in their case for devolution was that Scotland was being governed by a Conservative government without support here. The Unionist parties at Westminster had themselves to blame for the rise of the SNP – pouring extra money into Scotland to thwart them proved futile. They failed to recognise the direction of travel – they had no policies to forestall their advance.

Leave voters are not all idiots – some Londoners still don’t get it | Abi Wilkinson | Opinion | The Guardian

I live in London and voted to stay in the EU, but the contempt and ignorance displayed by some remain voters towards those outside the capital appals me

The Left has a choice: go communitarian or go liberal. You can't do both - nicktyrone.com

The reason that the Right are winning so much at present is because they feel safe enough to abandon some of the hard lines of the Old Right and wander into the Left’s traditional areas. The vote to Leave the EU was about people turning away from neoliberalism, not embracing it. The rise of UKIP is fundamentally about people rejecting globalism, a critical part of neoliberalism.

Collection Development Blog » The Dilemmas of Political Englishness published in Political Studies Review

The ‘Politicisation’ of Englishness: Towards a Framework for Political Analysis by Michael KennyEngland’s Dissatisfactions and the Conservative Dilemma by Charlie Jeffery, Ailsa Henderson, Roger Scully and Richard Wyn JonesThe Conservatives and the Union: The ‘New English Toryism’ and the Origins of Anglo-Britishness by Andrew GambleOur Island Story: England, Europe and the Anglosphere Alternative by Ben WellingsRadical Nostalgia, Progressive Patriotism and Labour’s ‘English Problem’ by Emily RobinsonThe Party Politics of the ‘New English Regionalism’ by Andrew MycockThe UK Independence Party and the Politics of Englishness by Richard Hayton

Why hasn’t Scotland changed its mind on independence? | Chris Curtis | Opinion | The Guardian

We know that the majority of Scotland backed staying in the EU – so with Brexit looming, why are polls not showing a resultant shift in support towards Scottish independence from the UK? It is clear that Nicola Sturgeon is trying to convince unionist remain voters to switch their allegiance, but YouGov has found that the first minister’s strategy is being offset by leave voters who backed Scottish independence now wanting to remain a part of the UK.

Kezia Dugdale: It is time to create a federalised Britain | LabourList

Kezia Dugdale will begin to flesh out her vision for a federalised Britain today when she calls on activists to adopt new policies to preserve the Union.She is due to announce that Scottish Labour conference will debate a motion to adopt federalism as official policy.

Are we witnessing the strange, lingering death of Labour England?

Last month a group of Labour MPs and peers trooped into a Westminster meeting room to get a briefing from the party’s pollsters. The message, according to someone present, was irredeemably bleak: “We were told that people just don’t feel a connection with the Labour party any more.”

English Democrats regional leader Steve Uncles, from Wilmington, on trial for election fraud charges

English Democrats regional leader Steven Uncles dishonestly tampered with the election system by submitting fraudulent nomination forms, a court heard.

The Anglarchist by Warren Draper (editor) and Paul Kingsnorth (Associate Editor): Unbound

An anthology which examines England as it was, as it is, and how we might like it to be by Warren Draper (editor) and Paul Kingsnorth (Associate Editor)

If Labour wants to win, it needs to give back control | Labour Vision

The model suggested would be for an English Parliament made up of regional elected representatives from regionally elected assemblies that have devolved powers in areas such as agriculture, transport, health, education and so on. Reserved matters such as foreign policy and defence would remain for the supranational level of the United Kingdom Parliament. This would empower and unite those in regional communities allowing them to decide their own destiny and finally put them on equal political footing with London.

Donald Trump: a man so obnoxious that karma may see him reincarnated as himself | Frankie Boyle | Opinion | The Guardian

Desperate Labour playing the ‘English’ card in Stoke « englishpatriots

I find the whole idea of Labour putting the flag of our country on their leaflets quite ridiculous in view of their disdain for our national identity as shown in their policy.

NHS Health Check: Which part of the UK is doing the best? - BBC News

No matter where you live in the UK, you will find local NHS services are under immense pressure.None of the four nations is achieving any of its three key targets for A&E, cancer or routine treatments, such as knee and hip replacements.All have developed plans and strategies to deal with the common challenges - rising demand, squeezes on funding and the ageing population. But each has found this winter to be particularly difficult.

La La Land: not a normal by-election, not a normal university town | Wonkhe | Comment

The first column I ever wrote for Wonkhe, back in November 2014, was entitled UKIP and the University. It was about the Rochester and Strood by-election in which the Conservative MP, Mark Reckless, resigned his Westminster seat to stand again under the colours of UKIP.

BBC Radio 4 - The English Fix, Series 1, Riding with Cobbett

Patrick Wright has spent much of his career thinking about English identity - a question which has become more pressing in recent years.He argues that no one has cared much about Englishness unless they could define it as a settled, organic way of life threatened by external beastliness: England, in other words, as a realm that tends to be imagined most fiercely when it is threatened by an encroaching modern force.

Is English devolution dead? | The Institute for Government

Before the EU referendum the path for English devolution was relatively clear. Dr Jo Casebourne and Lucy Campbell ask whether the devolution agenda is now in peril.

Trump ban: Liberals are attacking it in the worst possible way

There are many grounds on which to criticise Donald Trump's executive order making it harder for the nationals of seven countries to enter the United States. Here are four of them.

In a Pro-‘Brexit’ Corner of Britain, Impatience to Be Done With It - The New York Times

The scene could not be more English, and that is fitting: Romford is where wealthy London becomes not-so-wealthy Essex, a county that prides itself on its ancient Englishness — not the upper-class variety with clipped private school accents but that of “patriotic, hard-working people who might describe themselves as working class,” says Andrew Rosindell, the local member of Parliament, a Conservative.

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