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NHS pressures causing avoidable harm to 500 patients a year - report | Society | The Guardian

Indies 'delighted' by Chancellor's business rate cut, as BA calls for more reductions | The Bookseller

Annotations: in England

Ministry seeks applications to help high street regeneration | News | Local Government Chronicle

Agriculture Bill: 10 Oct 2018: House of Commons debates - TheyWorkForYou

Matt Hancock launches tech vision to build the most advanced health and care system in the world - GOV.UK

A United Kingdom Federation: The Prospects - Federal Union

Rebuilding Britain - The Labour Party

300-Year-Old Secret 'Lucky' Shoe Found in Cambridge University Wall

How the campaign for a People’s Vote is changing politics (again) | openDemocracy

New relationships and health education in schools - GOV.UK

Isobel Lindsay: Why we need to talk about 'nationalism' | The National

New funding for innovative projects to build stronger communities - GOV.UK

“Why we need an English manifesto” – our submission to Labour’s Democracy Review

The Origins of the English - The Salisbury Review

The English of 1927 were more than 90 per cent the descendants of the English of AD 927.

People identifying as ‘Other White’ has increased by over a million since 2001 | Visual.ONS

After Brexit, England will have to rethink its identity | Robert Winder | Opinion | The Guardian

It was once a byword for calm, but that nation is no more. Instead, England has become jittery and impulsive

Understanding the origins of Brexit is vital to making a success of it | BrexitCentral

Brexit was the point at which four long-term trajectories converged and precipitated an event of seismic magnitude that disrupted decades of what seemed like inevitable transnational integration.

Why the idea that the English have a common Anglo-Saxon origin is a myth

THE idea that there is a common Anglo-Saxon ancestry based on biology is gaining currency among some right-wing and religious groups in the UK and US.

Britain’s problem is not with Europe, but with England | David Marquand | Opinion | The Guardian

The UK is being drawn into a Brexit half of its nations don’t want, propelled by an outdated version of English nationhood. Progressives must fight back

Labour’s democracy review should include an... | John Denham

Labour’s democracy review is well underway, aiming to improve the engagement of members across the party and to overhaul decision-making structures at every level.The review rightly recognises that increasing representation and empowering people are crucial elements to making Labour an effective political party that can win elections and drive radical change. And a crucial question for the review must be: “How can our decision-making ensure we reach and represent voters in the key English seats that Labour must win to form a government and begin that change?”

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