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English by Ben Fogle review – Marmite, queuing and weather | Books | The Guardian

Unlike Fogle, who describes himself as a “proud Englishman” throughout his book, I have never felt able to describe myself as proud in that way. Reading his book makes me wonder just how English I am. Tea? Check. Weather small talk? Check. Always apologising? Check. Wellies? Umbrella? Sunday roasts? Check, check, check. Yet Englishness is an identity that has eluded me at best and excluded me at worst.

For England and St George?

Professor John Denham, Director of the Centre for English Identity and Politics, explores the newly-published results of a survey carried out by University of Winchester students into attitudes around St George's Day and national identity.

Gordon Brown: North of England must come together during Brexit | LabourList

Gordon Brown calls for an all-party Commons revolt to give regions and nations more powers under Brexit.Defective Brexit bill should be rewritten to transfer European Union powers and money direct to the nations and regions of the UK.Highlighting regional inequalities, former prime minister argues £1.5bn of European money should be distributed directly to devolved authorities across the countryBrown proposes a UK-wide constitutional convention to give more powers of initiative to the North as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Campaigner warns Theresa May ‘greedy’ DUP and SNP could destroy UK | Politics | News | Express.co.uk

Eddie Bone, director for the Campaign for an English Parliament, said not enough was being done by Theresa May to support England. He told Express.co.uk Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were being disproportionately financially rewarded with the Barnett Formula and it was time to put England first. He said the situation was exacerbated by the huge £1 billion contribution Mrs May promised the DUP in order to prop up her minority Government.

'Becoming English': Nationality, Terminology, and Changing Sides in the Late Middle Ages - Medievalists.net

 Late medieval English chronicles contain several puzzling references to the idea of people ‘becoming English’ by changing allegiance, usually in the context of war. How does this fit in with the predominantly ‘racial’ understanding of nationhood that permeated late-medieval English literary texts and official rhetoric, based on well-established ideas about birth, blood and heredity?

Catalonia-style split 'could occur in England' campaigner warns Theresa May | UK | News | Express.co.uk

After a controversial referendum on Catalan independence earlier this month, one campaigner has warned the Prime Minister similar movements could destroy England. Eddie Bone of the Campaign for an English Parliament told Express.co.uk he was concerned Mrs May did not appreciate the threat facing England. 

Is federalism the answer to the Scottish constitutional question? - The Scotsman

“If the UK was a truly federal multi-nation state, it would somehow have to accept that some decisions are subject to the consent of not just a popular majority, but a majority of the nations that constitute the UK.“But geographically, this is difficult. I think one of the weaknesses of the UK set-up is the absence of regional governments in England or the absence of an English parliament.”

Westminster's broken: To rescue our British parliament, establish an English parliament - UnHerd

Scotland and Wales already have devolved governments with responsibility for health and education, local economic growth, housing and infrastructure. The UK could rebalance its lopsided constitution if England had the same – together with an English Parliament. Those could be situated in the North (not in Manchester, but York – England’s second capital and a small and beautiful city with room to grow into a great city, free from the planning mistakes of the post-war era).That would allow a smaller, more focused, UK Government and Parliament to reform itself back in London. With many fewer MPs, Peers, Ministers and Civil Servants, we could finance the regeneration of Westminster by selling-off surplus parts of the sprawling Parliamentary Estate (which extends well beyond the Palace) and by dispensing with various undistinguished government buildings.When you’ve got a bloated establishment sitting on some of the most valuable land on the planet, it’s an opportunity, not a problem.

Nationalism 101 with Prof Richard English | Slugger O'Toole

Scottish nationalism is different from Welsh nationalism and I think what some people have argued as a recently emerging English nationalism has to be seen as different again because most people who are referred to as English nationalists don’t actually wake up in the morning and try to establish an English state in the way that many Irish nationalists historically have.“And even some of the more nationalistic parties in England have had titles like ‘United Kingdom’ independence Party and ‘British’ National Party and have therefore been British or UK-ian rather than English in their identity.”

Patriotism without the dog whistles

In an era of toppling statues and global displacement, many fear that clear expressions of national, specif­ically “English”, identity are bound to be morally suspect. This is partly because liberal discourse often muf­fles such allegiances, concerned that they may be subtle signals — “dog whistles” — for summoning the in­­tolerant.

Catalans are not alone. Across the world, people yearn to govern themselves | Neal Ascherson | Opinion | The Guardian

Globalisation was supposed to bring widespread uniformity and benefit. But it hasn’t addressed old grievances

Capitalists need the nation-state more than it needs them | Aeon Essays

The best definition of the nation remains that of Abbé Sieyès, one of the theorists of the French Revolution: ‘What is a nation? A body of associates living under one common law, and represented by the same legislature.’ Ethno-nationalists, with their emphasis on race, ethnicity or religion as the basis of nation, have it backward. As the historian Mark Lilla at Columbia University put it recently: ‘A citizen, simply by virtue of being a citizen, is one of us.’

Why has devolution failed to create a modern Welsh national identity? – Nation.Cymru

A civic Welsh identity has failed to emerge in Wales and it will continue to do so unless the Assembly tackles the issues of political capital, the lack of social media and civil society and the ethnic nature of The Curriculum Cymreig.

It’s time for federal UK, Scottish Labour MPs tell Jeremy Corbyn - The Scotsman

Scottish Labour MPs are lobbying English colleagues and party leader Jeremy Corbyn to back plans for a federal UK, including a role for devolved governments in setting immigration policy.Senior sources within the Scottish Labour group said its MPs had agreed to push forward plans for a new UK constitutional settlement.

The day that Spain died « Wee Ginger Dug

Can you imagine the outrage and shock if Westminster imported 6000 armed police officers from the rest of the UK in order to prevent the people of Scotland peacefully and democratically exercising their right to determine their own future? Can you imagine those police officers causing hundreds of injuries? That’s exactly what’s going on in Catalonia today. When the response of a state to a demand on the part of some of its citizens for a referendum on self-determination is violence, you’re no longer a democracy.

Nearly 90% of England's Leave voters would sacrifice the Union to ensure Brexit happens | The National

A WHOPPING 88 per cent of Leave voters in England are willing to accept Scottish independence in order to ensure the UK leaves the European Union, according to new research.A study carried out by the University of Edinburgh in conjunction with Cardiff University found that almost nine in 10 respondents said that a majority of Yes voters in any future Scottish independence referendum was an acceptable price to pay in order to “take back control”.

Saying you are English is racist, claims Llewelyn-Bowen | Daily Mail Online

Dandyish Changing Rooms presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is proud of his Welsh roots. However, the interior designer seems less keen on being associated with England.‘I don’t often use the term “England” because I think it’s racist,’ says Llewelyn-Bowen. ‘Whereas “British” can be used in the way that “To be Roman” didn’t mean coming from Rome at all.

Labour’s unavoidable English question | The Constitution Unit Blog

In 2015, the Conservative government implemented ‘English votes for English laws’ (or EVEL) in the House of Commons as a way of responding to the ‘English question’. Labour, by contrast, has had relatively little to say in this area – but were the party to form a government in the near future, it would be required to take some tough decisions. In this post, Michael Kenny assesses the possible routes forward for how Labour might respond to EVEL, in particular, and broader questions about English governance and devolution across the UK.

Shabana Mahmood and John Denham: Winning in England could put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street | LabourList

There is no formal process for consulting English party members on English policy (that’s something that should be addressed in the democracy review, by the way). But a draft manifesto could be used to take the views of English Labour members on the big issues of policy and the way in which England is governed. It would create new opportunities to talk to the public in key seats. It would make it clear that Labour has England at the centre of its thoughts.

An EVEL dilemma – could Labour govern without an English majority?

The current constitution could still leave Scottish MPs overruling dissident English Labour.

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