Rising from the Ashes

Toque started off life in 2005 as a blog to document my life as an immigrant in Canada. Predictably it rapidly evolved into a political blog and within months incorporated ‘The Witanagemot Club‘ for bloggers in support of an English parliament.

The original blog was in Movable Type and looked like this. I migrated to WordPress when MT became overrun with spam, and later moved to Drupal just for the challenge. Over the past five years, since I became a father, the time available for blogging has been severely limited. Not only do kids take up your free time, they also exhaust you and wake you up early, so blogging into the wee small hours as I used to became a liability.

It is now over two years since I posted anything on Toque but the present political climate has tempted me out of retirement. I feel the need to add my small voice to the cacophony of political and constitutional noise without boring my Facebook friends to death. So a WordPress version of Toque is reborn, phoenix-like, out of the ashes of my falling-apart Drupal installation. I couldn’t be bothered to port the old content across but I have kept an off-line back-up of the content for reference. So I’m starting afresh. A brand new blog. I won’t hit the heights of my old web traffic (see below) because I still have kids, but I will once again have a place to vent my occasional frustration.