Britain’s World Cup Bid 2012

Originally published 14th October 2010

David Cameron couldn’t even say England when he was asked about England’s World Cup bid at yesterday’s PMQs.

Chris Heaton-Harris (Daventry) (Con): As vice-chairman of the parliamentary football club and a qualified football referee, I am well aware that there are just 50 days left before FIFA makes its momentous decision on the location of the 2018 World cup. Will the Prime Minister join me in supporting the English bid, which is in the interests not only of football, but of the entire country?

The Prime Minister: I thank my hon. Friend for his question. I am sure the whole country, and indeed everyone in the House, will want to get behind our bid for the 2018 World cup. I think we can launch and run an incredible World cup. We have the best fans, the best teams and the best stadiums, but above all this country has the biggest enthusiasm for football. We can make it a success for Britain and for the world.

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure that the ‘whole country’ (whatever country that might be) is behind ‘our’ bid to make it a success for ‘Britain’, after all ‘we’ have the best fans and the best stadiums and ‘this country’ – you know, that country? – is very enthusiastic about football, even if ‘we’ are shit at it.