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The conflation of England / Britain is so routine in newscasts, dialogue and commentary it has been embedded as a sort of permanent irritant, but also we have become so inured to it we barely bother. But now it’s more serious. All of this was predicted some time ago.

We Need to Talk About Englishness | Common Cause

It’s time for people who live in England, and who are working for a more humane and caring society, to stop hiding behind this increasingly untenable sense of Britishness. It’s time for them to begin to help shape what it means to be English. Only by doing so can they assist in the midwifery of a self-confident, outward-looking and inclusive English identity.

How can Britain exit the EU? As a nation state Britain doesn’t really exist | David Marquand | Opinion | The Guardian

The story of the United Kingdom, the story that should shape the current debate but hasn’t thus far, is one of relentless English expansion – sometimes peaceful and sometimes warlike – at the expense of the non-English nations of the Britannic archipelago.

A slogan you might not expect from the Lib Dems

‘We’re English and we’re proud of it’ is an unlikely slogan for a liberal party to adopt, and voters wouldn’t expect it of us, but it might just strike the right chord. As long as we can link it to our ideas on localism and ensure that ‘English’ means values we are proud to share rather than those we feel embarrassed about, it might just be a masterstroke.

St George's Day: Council scraps English patrol saint celebrations | Daily Star

A CASH-strapped council has been slated for scrapping its St George’s Day celebrations.

Alex Morton: May needs an election soon and a big win, which pledging an English Parliament can deliver her | Conservative Home

There is clear support for an English parliament among English voters. By an overwhelming majority of 3:1 voters support English devolution, as shown by the table above. This also means that the executive for English matters (e.g. ministers for health, education, housing and planning etc.) would need to come from English MPs. Our system is not designed to split powers between the executive and the legislature, and trying to introduce this on top of other reforms will be impossible. By contrast, simply setting out that English matters and English ministers should be decided by English MPs, and come from English MPs, is simple.

Brexit is Labour’s future | Progress | News and debate from the progressive community

Labour recognises and values minority ethnic identities, but when it hears its mainstream working class vote talk about the loss of culture and identity it changes the subject and talks about economics. It reaches for technocratic instruments to repair a breakdown in the meaning of life. And despite the rise of English identity Labour can hardly bring itself to recognise the English and the emerging polity of England. It has left that to the right wing populism of the United Kingdom Independence party.

English patriotism on the rise, research shows | UK news | The Guardian

English patriotism is on the rise at the expense of a sense of British identity, with voters in England increasingly likely to describe themselves as solely English, according to research.The studyfound that almost a fifth of people describe themselves as English not British, up 5% from 2015, with more than a third of those surveyed describing themselves as either solely English or more English than British.

John McDonnell calls for 'radical federal UK' as Labour shifts ground on union (From HeraldScotland)

UK Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell has called for a "radical federal" UK.The move would signal a major change in the UK Labour Party's position when it comes to the constitutional settlement in Britain.

Bank of England admits 'Michael Fish' moment with dire Brexit predictions 

The Bank of England has admitted its dire warnings of a downturn in the wake of the Brexit vote were a “Michael Fish” moment and said that the economics profession was now in “crisis”.

The Guardian view on English local identities: a clash of cash against community | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

A court case about whether Chesterfield can leave Derbyshire to become part of Sheffield illuminates the inexorable wasting of English local government and identity

A New Progressive Patriotism - Denham - 2016 - The Political Quarterly - Wiley Online Library

The need to hold capital to account and to bend markets to the common good is as powerful as ever, yet it is becoming steadily harder to create an electoral or political majority for such an idea in societies that are fractured and divided. The fundamental bond between voters and parties depends on political identity relationships; old ones are fading, new ones need to be created. The most dynamic politics in advanced capitalist societies are those of nation, people and place. The strategic challenge for the left is to create a new progressive patriotism that can embed radical ideas in a common sense of national purpose.

What did the Brexit vote reveal about the UK? - BBC News

The vote for Brexit was a thunderous rumble of national indignation, an outpouring of frustrated fury that shook the foundations of the British state. We misinterpret its meaning at our peril.

It’s time to talk about Britain – New thinking for the British economy

The British state is responsible for more penguins than any other government on earth. And more land in the Southern hemisphere than the Northern. And by far the most important network of tax havens and secrecy areas in the world. It is, along with Saudi Arabia, Israel and New Zealand, one of only four governments on earth which doesn’t have a codified constitution. It is, along with Iran, one of only two to automatically appoint clerics to seats in its legislature. It is the only one with a parliament in which some seats are hereditary.

Nationalism and Brexit | OUPblog

The sentiments of a typical Leave voter can be characterised as ethnic. English identity is not about citizenship but linked to common language and heritage and hostility to immigration.

Germany's dangerous open borders show why Britain is right to take back control on immigration

Brexit is not about cutting immigration or making foreigners unwelcome. It is about making sure that the rules governing their entry are made by politicians directly answerable to the British people

English laws process 'too opaque' say MPs - BBC News

Rules allowing English MPs to decide matters which affect only England should be rewritten, a parliamentary report has said.The "English Votes for English Laws" (Evel) procedure introduced by David Cameron was "opaque", the Commons Procedure Committee added.

Why we need an English Labour party

Labour should recreate itself in the image of that country it would wish to create. This means that alongside the Scottish and Welsh Labour parties, there must now be space for a discrete English Labour identity.

English voters, don’t be fooled by the SNP – its rhetoric hides its nationalism | David Torrance | Opinion | The Guardian

Moderate Labourites are looking for a voice and Nicola Sturgeon quips about fielding candidates in England. But the SNP is more nationalist than leftwing

Killing two political birds with one stone - Part One - UKIP Daily | UKIP News | UKIP Debate

Not content with denying England a parliament and government of her own the UK government has made strenuous efforts to Balkanise England by forcing elected mayors on cities and the devolution of considerable powers to local authority areas built around cities with Manchester in the vanguard of this development. The ostensible idea of this Balkanisation is to pretend that an English parliament and government is not necessary because devolution is being delivered on a regional basis to England: its covert intention is to ensure that England cannot act as a political entity in its own right and have its representatives asking awkward questions such as why are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland receiving so much more per capita from the Treasury each year than England receives.

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