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Support for an English Parliament Remains Strong

The Jury Team commissioned YouGov to discover how people would vote when given the opportunity to do so in various referenda. They found that 60% of people in England were in favour of setting up an English parliament, with only 20% against.

The chart below represents opinion across the whole of Britain, including Scotland where 41% were in favour of an English parliament (2058 adults surveyed in September 2009).

English Parliament

Support for an English parliament is strong. In fact support for an English parliament is stronger than support for the Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat parties. And according to the polls conducted by YouGov on behalf of The Jury Team, support for an English Parliament is stronger than support for proportional representation.

Previous polling available here.

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The Big Questions: Does England Deserve it's Own Parliament?

On Sunday morning The Big Question asked "Does England Deserve it's Own Parliament?" In favour were David Wildgoose of the Campaign for an English Parliament and Andy Newman of Socialist Unity, and opposing an English parliament were Robert Oulds, Direct

Who legitimately speaks for England?

Simon Lee, writing in the Hull Mail, asks who legitimately speaks for England?

It cannot be any political party that relies upon the votes of other nations at Westminster to determine the policies which will shape the future of England alone.

When New L

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