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Ruth Deech Off Message

Ruth Deech speaking on Radio 4's Any Questions.

"If Scotland wants to be independent, OK be my guest, go ahead do what you want and please take back with you all the Scottish politicians, there are so many of them you know, starting with Blair, Brown and Campbell (sic). Take them all back and off you go and go off on your own because actually we are all subsidising them, I think, by way of benefits and all sorts of reasons and if they want to show how independent they are, then OK thank you and goodbye."

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Ruth Deech explains her worries on Lords of the Blog:

This obsessing (especially about my origins – somewhat sinister) is misplaced. The issue is whether devolution is workable or whether independence would be better. Most of the rest of the world attributed the decision to release Al Megrahi to the UK, not to Scotland. There are other issues such as Scots discrimination against English students in relation to tuition fees, and the W. Lothian question, which are beginning to persuade me that full independence is inevitable. If that comes about, everyone will have to decide which citizenship they hold, and who is eligible to sit as an MP in the UK Parliament. Those whose citizenship is Scots may not be able to. That is the logical outcome and that is what I was referring to in the very few seconds allowed.

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