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RIP Witanagemot

Due to an ongoing smear campaign against me by Steve Uncles of the English Democrats Party the Witanagemot Club (latterly the English Free Press) is hereby ended, I would like to thank all members, past and present, for their involvement.

My online involvement with the CEP is also ended in order to prevent Steve Uncles using me as a stick with which to beat the CEP, so it's goodbye to as well

The Witanagemot Club was an attempt to promote the campaign for an English parliament, an attempt to network and increase cooperation and traffic between like-minded bloggers (a forging of a blogging 'English movement'), and a tool for disseminating news and information. It was, I think, a success. But times move on and so too does the way that we use the internet. Most blogs now have the ability to syndicate content, and that along with services like Twitter and Facebook has made blogrings like the Witanagemot Club increasingly redundant. And as for forging an online 'English movement', I have to concede that I have had the opposite effect because it is a sad fact that there are a large number of English nationalists - symbolised by Steve Uncles and Mark Cotterill - with whom I will never see eye to eye; though had the English Democrats not been led by fools, things may have been different and we might now have a popular English nationalism acceptable to the mainstream. Alas that was not to be.

As for the smear campaign against me, I'll say this: My newborn daughter is not a "dog"; I am not separated from my wife; I am not a member of either the BNP or UKIP, nor any other political party; I am not anti-English, anti-white or an Anglophobe; I do not live in Canada (though quite why that should be an issue I do not know); I am not a national council member of the Campaign for an English Parliament, not since 2005; and I have never 'hacked' anything or illegally obtained EDP mailing lists.

I will continue to syndicate news from my own blog for all those who used the Witanagemot for that purpose.

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