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Your Questions Answered

A reader writes:

Hi Gareth,

I can't leave a comment on any of your posts....

When I press 'publish' it keeps on going to the 'preview'



Well Alfie, good question. The reason that you think that you cannot leave comments is because I have had to institute the comments policy again. Unfortunately this site is receiving over 100 spam comments per day so I have taken the step of approving each comment before it is posted to the blog. I am loathed to do this but until I come up with a more technical solution (I don't like nofollow) you'll just have to persevere. I don't like advertising San Diego real estate, casinos, impotence drugs and swingers dating services you see. Not that I have anything against any of those things. it's just that I think they should pay me for my services.

Anyway, your comments are being received and appreciated as always it's just that they are not immediately visible on the site.

If anyone has a 'top tip' on how an ignoramus can combat this spam targeting Movable Type 3.15 blogs, then I would be fascinated to hear from you.

I am signed up to Project Honeypot and I advise anyone else with similar problems to do likewise.

As an afterthought; it occurs to me that the English nationalist community is becoming increasingly strong on the interweb. Maybe it's time to start a 'English nationalist roundup' in the style of Tim Worstall's Britblog roundup, and Stuart's Scottish political blog roundup. Anyone that would like to join me in this enterprise then indicate your support in the comments below.

Turning the screw: I want comments from Cross of St George, Alfie the OK, Waking Hereward, Wonko, An Englishman's Castle, A Shout for England, Raised by Chaffinches, Expat Yank, A View from Middle England, EDP Blog, "Who do you Think you are Kidding Mr Prescott?", EU Serf, Not Proud of Britain, Murky, One Dumb Brit, Shooting Parrots, Village Hamden, The Green Ribbon, Albion's Alchemist, Thought Crime is Death, Independence, The Blog of Kev, Jacob's Room, Bishop Hill, Bring Back the British Empire, Attempting Escape, DM Andy, Pub Philosopher, English Rights Campaign, The England Project, Dodgeblogium, and heck....even the omnipresent Tim Worstall himself.

Sorry to 'out' everyone like this. Even though the above are not necessarily supporters of the Campaign for an English Parliament, they are certainly sympathetic to the cause, and I think it's time we started speaking with a unified voice. I'm a keen reader of the blogsphere and even if I don't always leave comments you can be assured that I do read the aforementioned blogs, avidly.

I was thinking that a logo such as this




would be appropriate to place on all our blogs, if we wanted to start an English nationalist webring, but if you can come up with something better then I wait to hear from you.

Honourary Scot

Little Man in a Toque gets a mention in Stuart's inaugural Scottish Political Blogs Roundup.

I did allow some of the blighters to come to my wedding so I guess one good turn deserves another.


I hate Scotch eggs but I eat all I can to stop 'em hatching." --- Anon

Canadian girls are suckers for accents but thankfully the two ladies pictured are chaste and pure, so they won't be laying Scotch eggs any time soon.

Camping in Kootenay

We just got back from a great week camping in BC. Having explored quite extensively on previous occasions we returned with a few wedding party stragglers to a place we love, Whiteswan Provincial Park.

The great thing about Whiteswan is that it is relatively unspoilt and contains the Lussier natural hot springs. The waters of these hot springs enter a series of rock pools by the side of the ice-cold Lussier river. The top pool is 43°C (110°F) but if you cannot tolerate that temperature there is a stagger of several cooler pools going down towards the river.

Lussier Hot Springs

Contrast this to other 'natural' hot spings such as

this abomination

Canyon Hot Springs

I hope that Canadians are wary of the disneyfication of their natural environment, the Rockies in particular being particularly threatened. Last month we visited one particularly unpleasant place; 'Crazy Creek' Waterfall. This natural wonder has been despoiled by some religious freaks that seek to use it as a tool of their god. Fortunately we visited on a Sunday so we were let in for free. Still it was quite hideous even though it was free - wooden steps painted in orange paint, plastic tree stumps spouting mist, a tacky gift shop and stomach churning religious advertising.

Crazy Creek Crazy Creek Crazy Creek Crazy Creek Pennies

The word 'tacky doesn't do it justice. As an agnostic I'm biased, that much I'll admit. I find all organised religion, particularly prosthelytising religion distasteful, I cannot understand why religion cannot be a relationship between an individual and their god, and why people cannot keep it to themselves. However, regardless of my particular prejudice, I'm sure that there must be many Christians that also find this appropriation of nature to the glory of one particular god as inappropriate as I do. For a number of reasons, spiritual and aesthetic, it just isn't necessary.

Canadian Christians, if you want a monument to god then do us all a favour and make it from bricks and mortar like they do in England...

Ely Cathederal

...don't spoil nature for the rest of us.

I shouldn't laugh

But as someone who was brought up on the Mr Man books it's hard not to laugh at this.

Mr Jihad.jpg

Via Bishop Hill

Presenting Mrs Toque

As you can see I am no longer single...

0273549-R1-050-23A. please, bored housewives and 'horny young women wishing to meet you now', no more email solicitations!

Ding dong the bells will chime

Mrs Toque, as she is referred to on these pages, isn't Mrs Toque just yet. But she soon will be.

I'll be away for a week or two getting hitched. Please talk amongst yourselves.

Britblog Roundup

Tim Worstall's Britblog roundup is up, and I'm happy to report that my begging letters have been successful so this week it features me.

I remember, from a while back, Tim Worstall speculating that the author of A Copper's Blog would be the first UK blogger to be offered a publishing contract on the basis of his blogging. However, it seems like Timothy himself may be the first. Congratulations.

Cook County Saloon

Line-dancers at Cook County Saloon - voted Canada's best cowboy bar.

Cook County Saloon

Mrs Toque bottom left.

Consider this

Why do I need less ID to get into Canada than I do to get into a pub?

The only ID that I required to enter Canada was my British passport. To drive into the US I used the same passport and a credit card (I was charged $6).

But when in British Columbia I was asked for ID to get into a pub (this is strange enough for someone that is 31 and who hasn't been asked for ID in England since I was 21) and I offered my passport as proof of my eligibility for entry, only to be informed that it was not sufficient. Apparently you need two forms of ID to get into BC pub; some photo ID AND one other form of identification, in my case my passport backed up by my driving license.

The question that Canadians should ask themselves is: "Why does it take more ID to get into a pub than it does to get into the country?"

I'd be interested to know.

Students, time to bite back

If you are an English, Welsh or Northern Irish undergraduate student studying in Scotland then you are being discriminated against by the government, and you can sue them under European Human Rights legislation. What's more it's free to do this because you are entitled to full legal aid.

Take back your student fees

Claim your fees back

Watch this film * and then go here to fill in an application form.

* If you can't open the film using Firefox then use IE (it pains me to say that).

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