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Michael Gove doesn't understand his job

Michael Gove talking out his arse at the Tory Party Conference.

"There is no better way of building a modern, inclusive, patriotism than by teaching all British citizens to take pride in this country’s historic achievements.

Which is why the next Conservative Government will ensure the curriculum teaches the proper narrative of British History - so that every Briton can take pride in this nation."

Education is devolved Michael, so it's only the curriculum in England that you - as Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families - could ensure teaches the proper narrative of British history. If you still don't understand this basic fact, even though I've pointed it out to you on numerous occasions, then you're a fucking idiot.

Here's an idea, why not teach English History in English schools?

"Wanting to teach children to read properly isn’t some sort of antique prejudice - it’s an absolute necessity in a civilized society and I won’t rest until we have eliminated illiteracy in modern Britain."

And I won't rest until I have eliminated idiotic politicians referring to Britain when their remit is England.

"Every year more than 100,000 children - one in five - leave primary school unable to read properly."

Which nation of Britain do these figures relate to?

"Two thirds of working class boys at the age of fourteen have a reading age of seven or below."

English working class boys, or British working class boys? Speak up Michael, we can't hear you.

New Tory, new Britain

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You have it right - the man

You have it right - the man is a fucking idiot.

well he has a face like an

well he has a face like an arse,so we don't know which one he is talking out of.

he's another scottish carpet

he's another scottish carpet bagger who does not feel secure in England
so he imposes britishness..

The man is not a fucking

The man is not a

fucking idiot

because he knows exactly what he is doing.

It's part of the reason that neither, Cameron, Brown nor Clegg will ever appear on a political debate with Alex Salmond even if it means that the proposed TV debate is blanked in Scotland with no Scotland only alternative. They do not want to mark any differences between Britain and England when talking about policy because that breaks the idea of a unitary Britain.

Gove is actually Scottish even though his accent has gone through a de-scottifying mangle similar to Fraser Nelson's so he knows all about the difference between Scotland and England.

You can write to him till your fingers bleed but it won't change the confusion between England and Britain in his utterances because it is a deliberate mistake.

It doesn't get much better

It doesn't get much better with 'call me Dave' of the 'Scottish blood in these veins'. From today's speech to conference..
"In this new world of freedom nothing matters more in terms of opportunity and our economy and our future than education. But too many things are not right in education in Britain."

Yeah, like future PMs who can't tell the difference between England and Britain

The man is indeed a 'fucking

The man is indeed a 'fucking idiot'. Anyone, Scotch or otherwise, who puts his 'intellectual weight' behind a scheme that can only fail is a 'fucking idiot'. The English, as opposed to the people of England, are not stupid: They see supermarket shelves crammed with Br*tish, Cornish, Scotch and Irish produce, and liberally plastered with the respective flags, yet they rarely see anything labelled as English. They see programmes about Scotland and hear Scotch accents ad nauseam on the BBC and they groan and turn off (and they do compalain bout it). They've seen ancient English institutions and rights swept away by criminally corrupt and incompetent Scotch politicians and they know that the Scotch dominated Br*tish establishment is simply fighting a desperate rearguard action to maintain itself.

The bad odour that is devolution is not just a constitutional fart that we can all ignore until the smell dies down; it is a daily reminder that the 'United' Kingdom was put to death in 1997 and is yet to be laid to rest. Cameron, Gove and all of the McTroughers at the ancient seat of English democracy can hand out as many Br*tish pegs as they will but the English won't wear them.

I saw a big promotion in

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The "Celebrating Great

The "Celebrating Great British Food" promotion in England seems even more odd when you take into account Tesco's "Enjoy The Taste Of Scotland" promotion -

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