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English political parties

I just received a press release from Unlock Democracy informing me of the The Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill. Naturally the press release didn't mention the territorial extent of the bill so I went and looked it up.

It's England and Wales.

But of more interest is this passage from the Government's own guide to the Sustainable Communities Act, 2007. My bold.

The Sustainable Communities Bill was introduced to Parliament as a Private Members Bill. It was sponsored in the House of Commons by Nick Hurd MP, Conservative, Ruislip-Northwood and in the House of Lords by Lord Marlesford. The Bill was supported through Parliament by the Government and all of the main English political parties. It is the result of a five year campaign led by a coalition of organisations under the banner Local Works. Local Works name 85 national supporting organisations reflecting a very wide constituency.

English political parties, eh?

Exactly how does one define a political party as English?

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Like Plaid Cymru or the SNP?

Like Plaid Cymru or the SNP? Perhaps they mean the English Democrats.

It's beyond a joke really; they treat us with contempt.

There aren't that many

There aren't that many English political parties, only one the English Democrats springs to mind, though I'm sure there are others.
The rest are unionist therefore UK political parties and from what I can tell ignore, denigrate or revile the English depending on the mood or the moment.

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