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The Campaign for the English Regions

This email was sent out to all CfER supporters.

Subject: CFER-POWER 2010

To CFER Supporters and Contacts.

More than ever we need a New Politics.We have to to keep working for devolution as part of a new UK wide Constitution. Of particular concern is what is emerging and what could result from the the so called Power 2010 project. See

This is a fully funded and led Rowntree Reform Trust initiative which purports to be seeking to identify through a deliberative public consultation process what should be a top five list of measures to "Change UK Democracy.Its immediate goal is to get as many as possible of newly elected MP,s to sign up to the five measures which it intends to put on a pledge card.Also we understand Rowntree will use results to determine its priorities for future funding and constitutional reform initiatives.

CFER has a number of concerns with the process and the way it is going.A number of measures proposed by CFER officers have been included while others have been excluded from the list on which voting is taking place and it is possible voting is being highly influenced by anti devolution interests.

We are however very concerned that there is a real possibility English Votes for English Laws will get into the top five which we believe would further undermine any new initiative to devolve power to the English Regions and the very Local.This needs to be headed off.

Please not to vote for this.We need you to back the call for a new written Constitution, proportional voting and an all elected Regionally based second Chamber.A written constitution would give us the opportunity to establish what are the functions and make up of Westminster, Regional and Local Government and give the English Regions and local communities a fairer deal.

We need to vote in a way that is pro devolution and knock the English Votes on English Laws out of the top five.Please therefore vote for "A fully elected second Chamber" which is not currently in the top five,but would require some electoral system which treats the English Regions on an equal basis to Scotland , Wales and N.Ireland.

Please encourage others to do likewise.

It should be noted that the Campaign for the English Regions was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Unison. They are/were not the 'grassroots' organisation as stated on their now defunct website. As soon as the funding dried up their website vanished.

Vote for English Votes on English Laws here.

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Sent out to all"CFER supporters"that will be the lucky buggers who have jobs on these quango's then?

Any option except giving the

Any option except giving the English a choice then, for these people.

Research, polls and the only allowed referendum has clearly indicated that there is "no appetite for a regional solution" to the devolution disparity.

It appears to be their way or no way.

Do we know who runs/ran CFER?

Do we know who runs/ran CFER? Any links with Power2010?

The email they sent me yesterday was essentially supporting any reform but English votes.

I don't think there are any

I don't think there are any direct links, but there is an incestuous 'right on' constitutional reform crowd who have had their fingers in many pies. Charter88 and CfER were close, and Pam Giddy who is behind Power2010 used to be director of Charter88.

John Tomaney - who was CfER's main man - was involved with Charter88, and wrote 'Empowering the English Regions', published by Charter88.

Helena Kennedy is very hostile to the idea of an English Parliament but we don't know her views on English regions.

I think it's safe to say that England has few friends in Power2010, fewer in Charter88, and none in CfER.

Like you say, in the email bulletins from Power2010 they never mention English Votes, always the other reforms.

Toque's picture

John Prescott worked for

John Prescott worked for Rowntree. I've always wondered whether any strings were pulled by JP to secure Rowntree funding for CfER.

If you look at the accounts for CfER you will see that hardly anything came from membership. It was practically all sponsorship and grants. They had some political big hitters on their side, the likes of which the CEP could only dream of.

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