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BBC Radio 4 - Soul Music, Series 23, Jerusalem, How Jerusalem became English cricket's anthem

Jonathan Agnew reflects on England's stunning and unexpected victory in the 2005 Ashes series. Jerusalem reminds him of that extraordinary summer: “It’s passion-rousing, gets you going”.

Defining A Progressive Patriotism – A Look Left

English men and women have been at the forefront of many of the greatest causes, alongside our brothers and sisters of all nationalities. Together we can achieve a lot. We should not be ‘squeamish’ about Englishness. We should embrace it and shape it away from close-minded reactionary right-wing arguments and recapture a progressive patriotism.

Tory ministers accused of a cover up over England-only immigration scheme (From Herald Scotland)

Theresa May’s government has been accused of a cover up after it refused to publish the data used to lock Scottish universities out of a new scheme for talented foreign graduates.Overseas students at four universities in the south of England will be allowed to stay in the UK to look for work after they finish their course.

When you’re ready to talk, Nicola, we’re ready to listen – Medium

A Tory MP was asked this week how long it would be before Brexit could be judged either a success or a failure. ‘We won’t know that for about 50 years, I think,’ was the unsmiling reply. A modern-day Zhou Enlai.

John Swinney announces EU students will get free tuition after Brexit - but not the English

John Swinney has denied unfairly discriminating against the English.

'Hypocritical' SNP threaten to torpedo May's grammar school plan even though it does not affect Scotland  | Daily Mail Online

The SNP’s threat to use its Parliamentary muscle to outvote English MPs on an issue that does not affect Scotland caused a furore among Tories yesterday.They accused SNP politicians of ‘hypocrisy’ and of using a ‘magic carpet’ to fly in whenever they like to interfere on English issues.

The Anglarchist by Warren Draper (editor) and Paul Kingsnorth (Associate Editor): Unbound

The Anglarchist is an anthology of work which examines England as it was, as it is, and how we might like it to be. It will pull together the threads of English political and social philosophy in the hope of weaving a platform for a new positive patriotism.

Time for Labour to reclaim Englishness | Letters | Politics | The Guardian

To disapprove of celebrating Shakespeare, Tallis, Keats, the Beatles, and taking pride in them being English, is Stalinist and, frankly, weird. Promoting sensible English patriotism may be the best way to counter racism. Sadly, Labour now seems too ideologically hidebound to change; too intellectually lightweight to seek imaginative solutions.

SNP's Nicola Sturgeon announces new independence referendum bill - BBC News

A consultation gets under way next week on plans for a second Scottish independence referendum, the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed.She told the party's Glasgow conference that an Independence Referendum Bill would be published next week.

David Mundell: Brexit will 'change' UK devolution - BBC News

Holyrood might be given new powers when the UK leaves the European Union, the Scottish secretary has suggested.David Mundell told MPs that Brexit would "self-evidently" change the devolution settlement, and said powers would not be taken away from Holyrood.

Welsh and Scots join fight against Devonwall | Plymouth Herald

Welsh and Scottish MPs have joined ranks with Celtic brethren in opposing plans for a cross-county "Devonwall" seat.The Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards has taken up the cause with a motion calling for the controversial reforms to be scrapped.

Paris Gourtsoyannis: Risks in England’s Quiet Revolution - The Scotsman

The only other proposed reform going ahead is the piecemeal devolution to English city-regions like Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire, which is being further mangled by fights between government and Labour local authorities. One of the last government’s pet projects, it seems to have only lukewarm support of the new Prime Minister. It is also tragically unloved by the people it is intended to benefit: only around third of English voters want their new ‘metro mayors’.

Wales Bill: Hain says tax devolution plans are folly - BBC News

Plans to allow the devolution of income tax varying powers without a referendum have been criticised by a former Welsh secretary.Lord Hain said the Conservatives were going back on a manifesto promise to hold a poll on the issue.

Scots have 'BETTER quality of life than English' as they're tolerant, EU bureucrats say | UK | News | Daily Express

SCOTTISH and Northern Irish citizens have a better quality of life than their English counterparts, according to a new EU report.

Airport expansion could unlock millions for Scotland under Barnett Formula (From Herald Scotland)

TENS of millions of pounds could be heading to Scotland once the UK Government decides on the new multi-billion pound expenditure on airport expansion in south-east England, which is expected to be announced soon.

Don’t let England be rebranded as a nation of bigots | John Harris | Opinion | The Guardian

This time it is all about England. As the UK continues to fracture and Scotland goes its own way, England is the country that media people and politicians might still rarely mention by name, but which completely dominates the post-referendum foreground. In this context, England is the nation for which Theresa May claims to speak, and which preoccupies many Labour politicians: a country of hardcore Brexit supporters, St George’s flags hung out on Kent housing estates – and, to paraphrase Blair, immigration, immigration, immigration. In contrast to that bright 1990s vision of a future UK, it is, moreover, an old country, whose dotage is portrayed as a matter of crabby resentment, a place where there is a collective wish to lock all the doors.

Can there be an 'English Islam'? | openDemocracy

'Englishness' is often set at odds with Islam, but in reality both these identities are malleable and porous. We must follow in the footsteps of Muslims throughout history in embracing new cultural formations.

Labour and the English Question - News - Cardiff University

“The Labour Party is struggling to come to terms with Englishness. The latest evidence suggests that an English political identity has become mainstream among political attitudes within England, and that discontent with England’s treatment within the UK is not going away."

A top Welsh academic has said the way we understand the UK is wrong - Wales Online

“We are entering a new era in UK politics in which the traditional textbook understanding of the nature of the UK is basically wrong – and actually England [and] Englishness is coming into play in ways which we haven’t seen before.”

Slowly but surely, the patriotism question is making its way into Labour

At Liverpool, most of the think-tanks held meetings addressing national identity in England, Scotland and the Union. Most attracted healthy audiences who, by and large, did not think identity was the property of the far right.

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