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The rise of English nationalism is something British politicians can no longer ignore : Democratic Audit UK

English nationalism has become the hallmark of angry, disillusioned sections of English society that feel left behind in the modern world and modern Britain. When mixed with unease at immigration, we have a combination that British politicians have been loath to go near.

The English Revolt

Going far beyond the atavistic and incoherent English revolt that some think they discern, our referendum result is partly a consequence of transnational political phenomena across the democratic world: the disaffection of citizens from conventional politics, shown by falling turnouts for elections, shrinking party membership and the rise of new, sometimes extreme political movements; as well as the simultaneous detachment of a professional political class from civil society, and its consequent retreat into a closed world of institutions.

Brexit: What are Scotland's options? - BBC News

Politicians have repeatedly pledged to explore "all options" in relation to Scotland's ties with the EU following the Brexit vote. Here, I examine some of those options.

Federal UK proposals will inform Evel debate, says David Lidington - Arbroath Herald

David Lidington, who was appointed Leader of the House last week, told the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee that proposals for an English parliament are "perfectly legitimate" and he acknowledged SNP and Labour calls for a federal UK.

The fragile UK economy has a chance to abandon failed policies post-Brexit | Business | The Guardian

A slowdown looks inevitable, but this is not a surprise: the economy wasn’t working for many people before the EU referendum

Theresa May would seek passport checks between Scotland and England | UK news | The Guardian

The British government would expect passport checks between Scotland and England if a looser immigration policy were adopted north of the border after independence, according to the home secretary, Theresa May.Her view is at odds with the Scottish government's aim of keeping passport-free travel.

Labour needs a new vehicle to reunite England | John Denham

Nations are created, not discovered. England’s future story is not yet told. Labour needs to create a vehicle for the politics of nation building. We need an English Labour movement, with a new appeal to north and south, to unite people and find common ground, and tell a progressive patriotic national story.

Is Theresa May rowing back on ‘Brexit means Brexit’? | Coffee House

Theresa May has told us repeatedly that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and Philip Hammond has been at it too: just in case you weren’t aware, Brexit really does mean Brexit. Whilst it’s a catchphrase which is meant to reassure those who want Britain to leave the EU (and those who don’t, but respect the outcome of the vote), it’s actually pretty vapid. And on her trip up to Scotland today, the PM may have shown how her phrase could easily unravel.

Brexit: national identity and ethnicity in the referendum | Second reading

In the referendum on EU membership held on 23 June, local authorities with higher proportions of people identifying as ‘English only’ recorded higher vote shares to leave the EU, while polling data suggest that ethnic minorities were more likely to vote Remain. Is there a relationship between national identity and ethnicity on the one hand, and votes in the referendum on the other?

Italy is more dangerous than Brexit: Europe's next crisis will be systemic

The noise about Brexit, as historically and politically significant as it could be, has, over the past three weeks, allowed Italy to hide. However, whether its is the Financial Times about Italy’s banking crisis, the New York Times, Italy’s Plan for Banks could Roil Europe or The Economist Italy’s teetering banks will be Europe’s next crisis, serious media all came within a week to remind us that the reeal risk for Europe is Italian banking.

New Act of Union proposed to ‘stabilise’ UK post-Brexit - The Scotsman

A new Act of Union has been proposed in a bid to ‘stabilise’ the United Kingdom in the wake of the Brexit vote.The cross-party Constitution Reform Group (CRG) said its draft legislation could provide a “satisfying and lasting alternative” to the current constitutional arrangements or the possible break up of the UK.

Brexit Identity Crisis: or How to Be British – Jessica Davidson

Given the choice between ticking the box marked ‘British’ or the box marked ‘English’, I’ll always go for ‘British.’ There seems to be a difference in how the British and English identities are perceived and how they feel on the inside. To me, the English identity feels smaller and more insular and confined to this damp little island. Whereas British feels more inclusive, connected to something bigger and multicultural.

Brexit Could Lead To An English Parliament

Creating a stable Kingdom in the wake of Brexit which saw the different constituent parts of the nation split over whether to stay in or leave the European Union could see the creation of a new British Union of federal states.

Brexit vote paves way for federal union to save UK, says all-party group | Politics | The Guardian

The governance of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be reinvented within a new voluntary union in a bid to save the UK from disintegration, an independent all-party group of experts will argue this week.The Constitution Reform Group, convened by former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Salisbury, is to make the the case for radical constitutional change in the UK by claiming the need has been boosted by the vote to leave the European Union.

Welsh nationalists to intensify push for independence after Brexit | Reuters

The nationalist party of Wales will intensify its push for independence in response to last week's decision by British voters to leave the European Union, the head of the party said on Monday.

British by design: the Union Jack and the flag of St George - FT.com

In my childhood, flags only came out for the Queen — 1977 was awash with Union Jack bunting alongside the bill-posted punk versions. Now, in England, it has been superseded by the St George’s flag, which was rarely spotted until about 20 years ago, as the default symbol of nationalism.

Growing calls for federal UK in wake of Brexit vote - BBC News

According to Mr Fraser, the answer is federalism. An entrenched Scottish Parliament, an English Parliament sharing time at Westminster, English city regions with administrative but not legislative power, the replacement of the House of Lords with a senate representing "each federated part of the UK."

Tory MSP joins calls for 'federal' UK in wake of Brexit vote - BBC News

A senior Scottish Conservative MSP has called for the creation of a "federal" UK in the wake of the Brexit vote.Murdo Fraser said the EU referendum had shown up political "disparities" and said the "time has come" for "different systems in different parts of the UK".

John Morgan: Let's face it, the English were to blame | Stuff.co.nz

Let's face it: the English were to blame. A BBC map of the voting patterns in the 1975 and 2016 makes it clear. In 1975 every region in England voted to stay in the 'Common Market', by a comfortable majority. Forty years later, vast swathes of England voted leave.

Billy Bragg urges councillors to help develop a progressive English identity - LocalGov

Englishness should be about ‘where you are rather than where your grandparents are from’, Billy Bragg tells councillors.

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