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On the important issues, Louise Casey all too often has little to say

Most people in England include British in their identity, but Englishness and English interests are of growing importance. In a worrying development, some areas of England  may be polarising between a white Englishness and an ethnic minority Britishness. Integration won't happen without a shared national story that combines a unifying national identity with the acceptance that we all have more than one identity that matters to us. Ignoring the reality of complex and multiple identities closes off one essential way forward.

Mark Lazarowicz: Labour needs to develop its vision of what a federal UK would look like – and Gordon is the man who can help | LabourList

Much of the Labour Party in England has not been noticeably enthusiastic in the past about regional government in England, or an English Parliament. The policy needs to be argued for as a part of a fundamental shift of power back nearer to people across the UK. Federalism is not truly federal if it only applies to some parts of a state.

Stormont assembly's consent required before Brexit, court told | Politics | The Guardian

“It would be unconstitutional for the UK to withdraw from the EU without the consent of the people of Northern Ireland,” Lavery said. “Being part of the EU was part of the [1998] constitutional settlement. There has been a transfer of sovereignty under the Good Friday agreement and the Northern Ireland Act. The people of Northern Ireland now have sovereignty over any constitutional change rather than parliament. The notion that parliament is supreme or has primacy has gone.”

No country with a McDonald’s can remain a democracy | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

The best way to combat the likes of Trump, Le Pen and Farage and the politics they represent is to rescue power from the grip of transnational corporations

Brexit vote: The breakdown - BBC News

New research has cast fresh light on who decided to vote Leave in June's referendum - and provides further evidence of how they saw off the Remainers.

The UK needs a new Act of Union to prevent it breaking once and for all | Kezia Dugdale | Opinion | The Guardian

And we need a federal solution for the nations and regions of our country: a radical reshaping where every component part of the United Kingdom – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English regions – takes more responsibility for what happens in their own communities, but where we still maintain the protection of being part of a greater whole as the UK.

England deserves better – Towards Indyref2…

With the elevation of Paul Nuttall to the leadership of UKIP, we must accept that the prospects for a progressive civic nationalist movement in England have receded into the mists of political wishful thinking. It may well be a lost cause, at least for the foreseeable future. Normal service will not be resumed any time soon.

English Votes for English Laws: David Cameron plan to counteract SNP influence has failed | Politics | News | Daily Express

DAVID CAMERON’S flagship pledge to give English voters a voice against meddling Nicola Sturgeon was a barefaced “lie” and not worth the paper it was written on, experts concluded today in a damning assessment of his legacy.

ANOTHER plank of Project Fear bites the dust! Support for Scottish independence SLUMPS despite Sturgeon’s warning that Brexit could trigger break-up of union  | Daily Mail Online

Support for Scottish independence has fallen to 44 per cent - falling below the level it received in the 2014 referendum for the first time. It deals a major blow to Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who had hoped June's Brexit vote would boost support for separation after a majority of Scots backed remaining in the EU. 

The SNP is getting found out, but Brexit necessitates a rethink of the UK - Reaction

Brexit will eventually deliver an avalanche of powers cascading back from Brussels. Where will they go?

Why Britain needs a written constitution | Anthony Barnett | Opinion | The Guardian

Our uncodified system cannot cope with pressures imposed by the vote for Brexit. Without urgent changes, a populist dictatorship of ‘the people’ looms

BILLIONS more in subsidies should be sent north of the border to cover Scots’ poor health

New report from the Scottish Affairs Committee said Scotland’s higher mortality rates means Scotland needs a bigger share of cash from Westminster

UKIP: Paul Nuttall says UK needs an English Parliament to save the UK | UK | News | Daily Express

PAUL Nuttall has warned the UK could collapse by the middle of this century if England is not given its own Parliament to vote on issues which affect Britain’s most populous country.

A great compromise is needed to reunite the United Kingdom

To reunite the United Kingdom, we need to correct the imbalance of power at the heart of our legislature. We could do this either by new constitutional conventions or by establishing a Senate with an equal number of representatives from each of our four nations.

‘English votes for English laws’ has not given England a voice in parliament, study finds

English votes for English laws’ (EVEL) has not enhanced England’s voice in the UK Parliament, according a 12-month study by researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The study says that “greater attention should be paid to the challenge of enhancing England’s voice in the UK parliament”.

National Left: Labour really needs to address the English Question

Can Labour's desire to preserve the Union be so strong that they are prepared to see our friends across the boarder being conned by the "Blood and Soil Nationalism"  masquerading as patriotism that appears to be on Paul Nuttall agenda.

National identity: dying force – or future hope? | openDemocracy

What does the national identity and politics of the coming generations in England tell us about the future?

New Ukip leader Paul Nuttall wants Commons Scot-free - The Scotsman

Ukip’s new leader Paul Nuttall has said he will “promote the English” and pursue more devolution for England in an appeal to disaffected working-class voters in Labour’s northern heartlands.

'It has diminished Scottish influence' Now SNP MPs call for right to vote on ENGLISH laws | Politics | News | Daily Express

SCOTTISH MPs are calling for the controversial English Votes For English Laws (Evel) system to be scrapped, as a new report says the process is in need of major reform.

English nationalism is a growling dog with no bite and no bark | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

In the June referendum, majorities in England and Wales voted to leave the European Union, while majorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. English people account for around 85% of the population of the UK. So one way of reading the result is that England (and Wales) is forcing Scotland (and Northern Ireland) out of the EU against their will. The referendum arithmetic makes that claim hard to deny. But it is not the only truth about the Brexit vote, and some Scottish nationalists go much further. They say that the vote should be seen as an expression of a growing and specifically English, not British, nationalism. The hard evidence for that is much less convincing, however much it may suit other nationalists.

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